Engaging this module

You are invited to explore this module by reading the content, watching the presentations and videos and responding to the suggested exercises and activities. You are encouraged to have a Bible and journaling materials nearby to take notes.

Designing Lesson Planning


Welcome to the Opening Doors to Discipleship module on Lesson Planning. The material in this module has been created by Dr. Rebecca Davis from Union Presbyterian Seminary.

In this module, you will learn how to create strong and impactful lesson plans. This module is great for anyone leading an educational ministry in which the leader is responsible for creating the content of the program. For example, a Bible Study group, youth group, or children’s ministry program that is not using a curriculum OR is using a resource that does not have lesson plans set out in it. This module will also help leaders who are running one-off events that have learning objectives, such as a church picnic that also involves a Scripture-based lesson. Some leaders might even find it useful to use this lesson planning material to plan meetings. Go ahead and explore to see what parts of this material could be used to enhance your educational ministry.

This series of handouts will walk you through the development of the various pieces of a lesson plan, including the teaching proposition, content, and context, as well as how to put it all together into a publishable quality document.

Quick Sheet’21

Lesson Plan Part 1 Context Worksheet’21

Lesson Plan Part 2 Content Worksheet ’21

Teaching Proposition Worksheet ’21

Teaching Proposition Practice Form’21

Lesson Plan Insights Page and Teaching Points ’21

Lesson Planning – Side by Side ’21

Lesson Plan Template ’21

SAMPLE Covenant Full Lesson Plan

SAMPLE Published VOF Covenant