Opening Doors To Discipleship is a series of four courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition to help teachers and leaders equip themselves to be faithful teachers and leaders.

Here are things that are helpful to know as you begin.

Keeping a journal
Throughout the courses you are asked to keep a journal for reflections or responses to the exercises. The journal should, ideally, be an 8.5” x 11”, 3-ring binder. If you wish to print some of the course pages for future reference, they can be kept in your journal.

Congregational support

  • Learning group: If at all possible, do these courses with others. Set up a local Learning Group. This team should consist of your minister/pastor, other teachers, interested congregational members, parents or friends.
  • A mentor: If possible, recruit a mentor for yourself. The mentor may be a trusted friend, congregational member or elder who is not taking the course. The mentor is someone who “walks the journey of discipleship” with you. He/she is someone with whom you, as learner, can bounce around ideas and thoughts. Your mentor may also pray regularly with and for you.
  • The role of clergy: It is strongly suggested that the clergy, as teaching elders in the reformed tradition, be part of the Learning Group.

To view the contents of each course, click on Course A, B, C or D in the left menu. A slide down menu will list the sessions within the course.

To begin or return to a session, click on your session choice in the slide down menu that appears below your selected course. You will be taken to the Getting Started page for that session.

Navigating a session
There are two ways to navigate through a session. Use the “Next>>” link on each page to move to the next page in the session. Or click on the links in the “Session Contents” menu that appears on the right side.

Printing a page
On every page, you have the option to print that page from a pop-up print window. Simply click on "Print" at the top or bottom of the page, and then click on the "Printer-friendly" icon to print the page.

Keyword Search
At the bottom of the sessions list, you will find a Keyword Search feature. Use this to find reference to a word anywhere in the courses.

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