Opening Doors To Discipleship is a series of four courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition to help teachers and leaders equip themselves to be faithful teachers and leaders. Once you register with the web site, you will have access to all four courses.

General Questions

How many Opening Doors to Discipleship courses are there?

Who developed these courses?

How long are the courses?

Are the courses difficult?

Are the courses for teachers/leaders of children only?

Do I do these courses on my own?

Does everyone in my Learning Group have to work at the same pace?

What do these courses cost?

What is the Denominational Log-in Number and where do I get it?

Can others outside the five sponsoring denominations take these courses?

Who supervises our Learning Group?

What if I have computer problems?

Why can’t I get sound when I click on the video or music play buttons?

What if I have problems with any of the content on the site?

Is there a graduation certificate?