Opening Doors To Discipleship is a series of four courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition to help teachers and leaders equip themselves to be faithful teachers and leaders.

I am convinced of the importance of participating in a community of faith. I also believe that being a lifelong learner moves one toward keeping the commandment to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

One component of effective faith formation is curriculum. Curriculum is a tool to help people encounter the Bible. To be effective, curriculum must be engaging, adaptable to different settings, and theologically sound. In this audience, theologically sound means Reformed theology, and implies a scope and sequence that exposes learners to a wide variety of Bible content. Not all leaders are able to modify curricula that isn’t representative of the Reformed tradition. Choosing resources with a good theological fit equips teachers to do their best work. It’s wonderful to have stylistic choices available also. Well-written curricula give opportunities to adapt lessons for size, time of day and length of session, and to meet the needs of individual participants.

To receive the full value of any curriculum, it is helpful to take some steps. Making full use of the curriculum’s website will give clues to what components must be ordered, the cost, age divisions, and if other implementation suggestions are provided. There are Christian education groups on social media where curriculum is discussed and evaluated. Some pitfalls may be avoided by learning from the experiences of others. A correct order with plenty of lead time is a plus.

The success of an educational experience is highly dependent on the people involved. Training that engages the teachers where they need to grow increases fulfillment for the teachers. Fulfilled teachers are empowered to reach learners. Opening Doors to Discipleship offers an online course in teacher training for members of our partner denominations. Request your login number and check out the course options at

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Article by Malinda Spencer, Associate for Curricula Training and Promotion, Congregational Ministries Publishing, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)