Opening Doors To Discipleship is a series of four courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition to help teachers and leaders equip themselves to be faithful teachers and leaders.
Exploring Discipleship

If you haven’t yet experienced Course D on Discipleship, take a look at it soon! It utilizes a relational style to explore the key elements of following Jesus. This course will provide encouragement throughout the journey for anyone who earnestly desires to be shaped by the life and teachings of Jesus.

For example, Session 4, “Living with Integrity as a Disciple,” explores the challenges of living as followers of Christ in true-to-life situations. The session portrays these situations in thought-provoking ways that help individuals to see themselves and to face the questions that living out the gospel poses for them. They also provide ample scriptural guidance and exercises on which to reflect and pray, which will help users to open themselves to the Holy Spirit’s transformative power.

I personally found Exercise 3, “Based on True to Our Calling,” to be helpful. As I described my deepest values, it was easy to see where my actions and priorities have not always reflected those values. I have recorded those areas in my journal and now seek consciously to follow Jesus more fully in each area the exercise brought to mind. And while this course has been helpful on a personal level, I think sharing this experience within a learning community or accountability group would be even more effective in bringing about real transformation in my life…so that is the next step for me! I invite you to join the journey of taking the Course D Discipleship challenge!

By Rev. Stephanie J. Doeschot, Coordinator of Adult Discipleship, Reformed Church in America