Opening Doors To Discipleship is a series of four courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition to help teachers and leaders equip themselves to be faithful teachers and leaders.

Our Mission

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I’ll show you how to fish for people.” Right away they left their nets and followed him. (Matthew 4:19–20)

The mission of the Opening Doors to Discipleship website is to support the faith journey of people seeking to follow Jesus today as leaders and learners in Christian community.

  • For those who are called to teach, to lead, and to walk beside others on the journey of faith, come.
  • For those who want to know more about the Bible, our Reformed traditions, and the way of Christ, come.
  • For those who find it hard to follow Jesus teachings and to share the good news with others, come.

Our Sponsors

The Opening Doors to Discipleship website is sponsored by five Christian denominations in North America: 

These denominations, known as the Presbyterian Reformed Educational Partners (PREP), create and maintain this website to help people in their congregations grow in the Christian faith through teacher training, Bible study, Reformed theology, and spiritual practice.

Request for Accommodations

While we look into ways to make this online course more accessible to persons with disabilities, we request that your individual group considers needed accommodations for teachers taking these classes at your church. You may have members of your group who find it difficult to hear the embedded music and videos, see the written materials, understand all of the questions, or write in a journal. Think how you might provide a reader or set up a text-to-speech option on a computer. Consider setting up a journal through a scribe or with a speech-to-text option on a computer. Provide a partner to an individual with an intellectual disability who can restate questions in a more meaningful way. Provide interpreters or translators as needed. Working within your groups, we hope you find ways for each individual to access the material and grow in the role of teacher and leader.

Site Credits

Website design and management:
Artwork for Course B: Thomas Nicholson and Iris Ma
Cartoons for Course C: Dik Lapine